Average cost of a wedding in manassas virginia with less than 25 guests is between $9,857 and $12,047

Wedding Cost Summary

How much does it cost for a wedding in manassas virginia with less than 25 guests? The type of wedding is Fun, Intimate, Unique. The wedding color theme is Blues. The typical wedding cost for a wedding of this type is between $9,857 and $12,047.

Lives in: Manassas VA
Season: Summer Wedding
Getting married in: manassas virginia
How many guests: This estimate is based on having 15 guests with a range of less than 25 guests. Adding a single guest will likely add $657 - $803 to the total amount spent.
Words that describe this wedding: Fun, Intimate, Unique
Primary color theme: Blues

Wedding Cost by Category

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Category > Item Estimated Cost % of Total
Attire & Accessories $1,545 - $1,889 15.7%
Wedding Dress $1,545 - $1,889 15.7%
Bakery $37 - $45 0.4%
Wedding Cake/dessert $37 - $45 0.4%
Beauty & Spa $118 - $144 1.2%
Hair Service $118 - $144 1.2%
Event Venue $3,253 - $3,975 33.0%
Wedding Venue Bar Service $227 - $277 2.3%
Wedding Venue Food Service $440 - $538 4.5%
Wedding Venue Location $2,586 - $3,160 26.2%
Flowers & Decorations $769 - $939 7.8%
Bouquets $536 - $655 5.4%
Boutonnieres, Corsages $233 - $285 2.4%
Gifts & Favors $30 - $36 0.3%
Tips (for all services) $30 - $36 0.3%
Officiant $293 - $358 3.0%
Officiant $293 - $358 3.0%
Photography & Video $3,813 - $4,661 38.7%
Wedding Photographer $3,813 - $4,661 38.7%
Estimated Total Cost: $9,857 - $12,047 100%

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NOTE: The average cost of a wedding in manassas virginia is based on the answers to your questions and spending of other couples getting married, not vendor prices. This typically includes purchases of both new and used items. This typically includes purchases of services from professionals, someone that simply provides the service, or a hired family member or friend. Every wedding is different, and the amount couples spend can vary widely.

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