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Attire & Accessories
(Includes headpiece, veil, shoes, lingerie, sash, handbag, garter, etc.)
(Includes cuff links, cummerbund, tie, pocket square, shoes, etc.)
(Tuxedo (purchased or rented), suit (purchased or rented), or other attire options for one Partner.)
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Beauty & Spa
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(Per person)
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Flowers & Decorations
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(Includes aisle runner, ring pillow or box, unity candle, toasting flutes, cake topper, serving set, etc. not flowers or decorations)
(Not table centerpieces, flowers, or accessories)
(Not table centerpieces)

Gifts & Favors
(Per person)
(Per parent)
(Total tips for all services)



(Includes JP, Officiant, ordained friend or family member, Pastor, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, Etc.)

Other Events

Other Items

Photography & Video

(Hourly fee services, getting started, etc.)
(Day of, month of direction)
(Full Service)

(Includes shuttles, antique car, horse & carriage, etc.)

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This estimator provides the average cost of a wedding based on the answers to your questions and the spending of other couples getting married. Your wedding cost estimate takes into account where you live, where you are getting married, how many guests you plan to have, the style of your wedding, your primary wedding color, and the products and services you plan to purchase. You'll also be able to print it out or download a spreadsheet of your results as a wedding budget template. It is the best way to start a wedding budget, truly better than a wedding budget calculator alone.

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